Separation and Divorce Checklists

Preparing for an Organized Divorce - Checklists

Each of the 5 Checklists will help you keep track of issues you need to address and take care of at different stages of your Separation and Divorce.

#1 - Where to Begin

Most people feel overwhelmed by everything they have to do when their marriages end. From setting up filing systems to reminders about creating contact summary lists and changing passwords, Checklist # 1 will help you begin to get organized.

#2 – What Financial Information do I Need

Financial disclosure is one of the first things your Divorce team will need from you. Child support, spousal support, equalization and/or division of assets and liabilities are all dependent on doing this accurately. Checklist # 2 lists the documents you need to find, and helps you track the information you have found and what you still need to locate.

#3 – Meetings and Conference Calls with Your Divorce Team

In order to make the best use of time you spend with your Divorce team, it is important that you be prepared for these meetings, and keep track of the issues that are your priority.  Checklist # 3 gives you the tools and reminders to ensure that you are working with your legal team in the most organized and cost effective way possible.

#4 – Protect Yourself, Your Assets, and Your Estate

Separation and Divorce have an impact on almost every area of your life. Checklist # 4 identifies many of the documents that you will want to review to ensure that they are up to date and reflect your new circumstances.

#5 – Odds and Ends

Checklist # 5 highlights a variety of issues that should be reviewed and dealt with before your Divorce is finalized.

Clients who have extended health benefits for Social Work services may be able to be reimbursed for Divorce Matters services. Check with your provider to see if you have coverage for Social Work services.

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A Divorce Organized By Divorce Matters Will Help You:
  • Understand the Divorce process
  • Locate and organize the paperwork needed to negotiate important aspects of your Divorce
  • Complete your Financial Disclosure Forms 13, 13.1, required by your Divorce team
  • Save money on professional fees
  • Feel more in control of your life
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