There are endless websites available discussing Separation and Divorce. These are some that have been vetted by Divorce Matters and can provide you with current Canadian Information.


Articles and interviews:

A Divorce Coach Could Offer a Calming Perspective:

See what the Globe and Mail has to say about Debbie Shawn and the role of Divorce Organizers.

Rising Number of Couples Seek Advice on Splitting Up as Pandemic Stresses Take Toll on relationships:

 CBC News highlights issues for couples splitting up during Covid 19 

Positive Solutions Divorce Services:

Bev Lewis, founder and president of Positive Solutions Divorce Services®, speaks to Debbie Shawn.

Learn ways to help you locate and organize the files and documents you need to prepare for your Divorce.

How Can Clients Help Keep Their Legal Costs Down During A Divorce?

Debbie Shawn in Divorce Magazine

The Breadwomen Project:

Interview with Divorce Matters – Pamela Johnston, host of “The Breadwomen Project” interviews Debbie Shawn of Divorce Matters.  The Topic: Overwhelmed by the Process of Divorce?? 

Government Information on Family Law:

About Family Law – Government of Canada Website
Family Law in Ontario – Government of Ontario Website

Agencies, Counselling and Support Groups:

Assaulted Women’s Hotline
Catholic Children’s Aid Society
Catholic Family Services of Toronto
Children’s Aid Society Toronto
Families in Transition – Families in Transition supports the well-being of children who are experiencing significant
change brought on by the separation or divorce of their parents. Services are offered to families who either live or work in Toronto.
Family Services Toronto
Jewish Child and Family Services
Ontario Association of Social Workers: How to Find a Social Worker – The OASW maintains a listing of Social Workers in private practice for individuals looking for a therapist to provide support throughout and assistance at this stressful time.


Additional Resources:

Collaborative Practice Toronto  – The Collaborative Practice Toronto website provides contact information for various types of professionals who can assist in the separation and divorce process, including collaborative family lawyers, financial professionals and family professionals.

Community Legal Education (CLEO) 

Divorce Angels – Divorce Angels provides information about many services and resources that individuals in the process of separation and divorce may find useful.

Law Society of Ontario  – The Law Society of Ontario offers a referral service. They will refer you to a lawyer, who will speak to you for up to 30 minutes, free of charge.

Legal Aid Ontario

Ontario Association of Family Mediators – The OAFM is responsible for accrediting Ontario family mediators. On their website, they have a listing of various family mediators throughout the province.

Clients who have extended health benefits for Social Work services may be able to be reimbursed for Divorce Matters services. Check with your provider to see if you have coverage for Social Work services.

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